Looking to do a belgian!

Step 1, check!

Step 1, check!

During an alignment meeting, someone came up with the idea to brew a belgian and let the funk from a thousand years get funneled through a farmhouse barn in Kansas and congregate in a barrel full of wort. Think of the aroma, the flavor, the…je ne sais quoi!

I was able to get a fresh barrel (60 gallons). We’re almost ready to brew and ferment. Who’s in?!!!

11 thoughts on “Looking to do a belgian!

  1. I wasn’t able to pick up the barrel this last weekend. The winery is busy with the fall harvest and buried the barrel in the warehouse. They’re going to get in contact with me as soon as they have time to dig it out.

    In the mean time…do we want to formulate (insert eveil laugh here) a recipe?

  2. Picked up the barrel from Amagoni Winery. It’s a 2008 barrel that was used for their Malbec. Michael Amagoni says that it should give us some spicy characteristics to whatever we finally decide to put in.

    So what’s step two?

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