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“JayHops really did a great service for our soldiers. Thank you.” That’s the first and only sentence on an email I received from the father of a fallen soldier. He sponsors a charity triathlon where the funds raised goes to help the families of our soldiers who have died while serving our country. He summarized what JayHops is all about.

JayHops was formed in 2003 by a few people from one of the local Kansas City home brewing clubs. It was an experiment. They wanted to lose the regimented every second Friday of the month meeting with its Parliamentary style Robert’s Rules of Order. They wanted to step away from the rigors of finances, pomp and circumstance…they wanted to enjoy the company of others who have similar interests on their own terms.

So here we are 10 years later. It’s 2013 and the club is still going! No one thought it would last. We were called upstarts, rebels, recalcitrants of the range by our more educated friends. Our original club motto was “We just don’t care!”. We wanted to do things our way. As the years went by, we found that the motto just didn’t fit.

In the 10 years JayHops has been around, we’ve been able to get equipment together, become a registered AHA recognized club, have an awesome working saloon at the Denver AHA convention Homebrewers club night, work as one of the AHA Club only Competition sites, schedule club events outside of the usual AHA events and most importantly use our consolidated Eveil (yes, it’s misspelled correctly to imply even greater evil…yeah, we’re those people :)) to work charity events.

JayHops has served beer at charity events like Mattie Rhodes Day of the Dead festival, church events where JayHops served beer at the school carnival, helped raise money to build stoves for impoverished families in Guatemala, and more recently we served beer to contestants and staff at a charity triathlon.

All this being said, we’ve turned into the homebrew club with the motto, “JayHops – We’re here to serve!”

Pancho Luna

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