Streetcar Pub Crawl – 250th Alignment Celebration

To celebrate the 250th Alignment, which happened on January 25th, 2017, a streetcar pub crawl event happened the following Saturday.  We visited Brewery Emperial, Border Brewing, Double Shift Brewing, Grinders, Ruins Pub, Anton’s, Flying Saucer, and ended up at Bo Lings in River Market.  The original plan was to end up at Harry’s Country Club, but they were crowded and the wait time was too long.  We also tried to go to The Belfry but they were closed.

Brewery Emperial

Photo-2017-01-28-11-19-24_0534 Photo-2017-01-30-08-13-13_0551 Photo-2017-01-30-08-13-27_0554

Border Brewing


Double Shift Brewing

Photo-2017-01-30-08-13-41_0557 Photo-2017-01-30-08-13-37_0556


Photo-2017-01-28-14-25-36_0543 Photo-2017-01-30-08-13-50_0559Photo-2017-01-30-08-13-46_0558

Ruins Pub

Photo-2017-01-30-08-13-53_0560 Photo-2017-01-30-08-14-03_0563 Photo-2017-01-30-08-14-07_0564


Bo Lings


And of course riding the streetcar

Photo-2017-01-30-08-14-18_0567 Photo-2017-01-30-08-14-15_0566 Photo-2017-01-30-08-14-11_0565

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