Watermelon Crawl

JayHop Members Invite Sometimes Annual or Biannual Highberger Watermelon Crawl. Wellsville, Kansas. Yep we decided to have it this year. Mark your calendar. Saturday Oct. 26, 2013. 6:30 – 11:30 PM. Bring a side dish, desert, or snack. We will have chili, and wine, and also soda for the non-wino’s. Live … Continue reading

Caber Toss

Yet another EVEIL plan was hatched at the last alignment (JHWA #76).  The thought was that a new batch of Caber Toss Strong Scotch Ale would be brewed every year on Black Friday (day after Thanksgiving). I mentioned that to properly brew this BEER we would need brewing water from … Continue reading

Aaron Reaches #200

Old Rasputin RIS, of course. So there are 4 of us at 200+ now.  Charles, Philip, Lyndon, and Aaron.  Well then there is Ted who is up to around 5,742 or so.  Who will be next?  Larry?