1st Annual Black Friday Caber Toss Brewing

So it happened.  Pancho, Larry, Lyndon, Rob, and I gathered at Casa de Luna to brew the Caber Toss Strong Scotch Ale on Black Friday 2013.  After some coffee to warm us up we proceeded to start the fires under the HLT to beging the brew day.  While we waiting for the HLT to warm up we proceeded to have a few of Lyndon’s famous Bloody Mary’s to get us through the dough-in and then to get the mash going.  Starting around noon-ish we decided we needed BEER!!  So the first of the vertical of Gouden Carolus Cuvee Van de Keiser Blauw was opened.  By the end of the day we had made it though 7 years of the Cuvee (we didn’t make it to the last 2 years) and we had a carboy full of Caber Toss and another carboy full of Caber Dribble Braggot, made from the second runnings of the Caber Toss.  It was a glorious day of brewing.  We will do it again next Black Friday.





20131129_164344_resized             20131129_164338_resized

The Caber Toss came in with an OG of 1.112.

The Braggot come in at OG 1.068.

2 thoughts on “1st Annual Black Friday Caber Toss Brewing

  1. Saturday morning, I awoke to the smell of beer in the house. The Caber Toss had blown it’s airlock across the basement floor. Not wanting to be left behind, the Caber Dribble blew it’s airlock on Sunday afternoon. The basement floor hasn’t been this clean in years!

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