Chicken Wing 2015


The pretty much bi-annual internationaly…EH, Globally…eh, galactically renowned
Chicken Wing Contest!!!!
Saturday, June 13th at Leigh and Pancho’s house
From 3P until you go home
Judging begins at 5-5:30-ish, SHARP!
You bring the wings. Bring them already made or make them on site! We’ll have a propane and charcoal grill, a crappy smoker, the Easy Bake Oven/Stove and a jet powered deep fryer available if you prefer to make them here. We’ll provide side dishes, soft drinks, beer and wine and whatever else you can find in the house. Bring a friend or twelve! The more entries the better. Prizes are awarded for Traditional, Hot and Spicy and Eclectic (a French word meaning everything else).
Feel free to bring your kids. Just understand that the house isn’t kid safe because our kids already figured out that steak knives and sockets don’t mix (and really, you don’t want Pancho teaching them anything…useful). IM, email, Facebook, or call us if you need directions or an address. If you don’t have any of those we don’t know you anyway!

Mattie Rhodes Charity Event

We’ve been asked to serve once again. A few years back we served our homebrew for Mattie Rhodes ( ) at their Cinco de Mayo and Day of the Dead events.
We’ve been asked to do this once again on November 7th (first Friday event and the Day of the Dead celebration). This is completely a donation on our part. The process in the past has been that we bring our homebrew and serve it for donations made directly to Mattie Rhodes. I’d like to do this again and maybe even make it a new JayHops tradition (much like the Jeremy Katzenberger Memorial Triathlon is turning into) that we can put on our calendar and prep for as a club.
I have the six faucet jockey box we can use. I also have
• one corny of wheat
• one corny of wheat with orange juice (yeah…I know….)
• one corny of an extra pale ale
that we can serve.
I wanted to see what the overall initial commitment of the club is on this and how many of us can participate. As usual, it seems that our club motto of “we’re here to serve” is really coming true. As I get information, I’ll send it out to the club.
Let me know. Thanks, Pancho